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Welcome to Camp Mohawk

Welcome to Camp Mohawk

Camp Mohawk is a multi-functional day centre for children with special needs and their families, set in 5 acres of beautiful countryside, just outside Wargrave, Berkshire. Throughout the year the centre provides a range of activities, facilities and natural space to encourage children with a variety of special needs to play, socialise and learn in a secure and caring environment.

If you are interested in registering with us to use our facilities, either as a family or as a group, please click here to visit our registration page and follow the instructions within.

Our vision is for children and young people with special needs arising from physical or developmental disability to receive the support necessary to realise their full potential as valued individuals, with their disability being openly understood, accepted and provided for without prejudice or judgement.

Camp Mohawk provides a ‘safe haven’ with both indoor and outdoor facilities where children and young people with special needs and their families can come to relax, play, develop social skills and build their self-confidence in a positive and uplifting environment that accepts and welcomes them all.

The centre provides children and young people with stimulating workshops, sensory and social activities that are led by experienced, enthusiastic staff and carefully designed to address the common developmental requirements of children with special needs.