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Is your child anxious about attending school?

Is your child anxious about attending school?

We are working with local schools and NHS Frimley Health to support children and young people who have difficulties attending school due to emotional, psychological or relationship issues.

Known as emotionally-related school avoidance (ERSA), this can range from those who are attending school but have anxiety, through to those missing their education for an extended period. These young people often do want to attend school however their anxiety and lack of coping skills leaves them unable to do so.

Over the last year, our children’s services partner, Achieving for Children, has been working with NHS Frimley Health to train school staff at primary and secondary schools to support children with ERSA and their parents or carers. Most local schools have now received the training. The remainder will get training in the new academic year.

If you notice early signs in your child, it is important to contact the school to start support as soon as possible to stop things from potentially getting worse – see our Parent Quick Guide and ERSA webinar for parents for more.

What are the signs of ERSA?

It might be an early sign if your child is:

  • anxious or upset to attend school
  • frequently expressing a serious desire not to attend school
  • showing physical symptoms of anxiety (such as a headache or stomach-ache)
  • absent for several days over a short period.