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Frimley Health and Care invites you to share your views

Frimley Health and Care invites you to share your views

Frimley Health and Care is this week launching its Online Community Panel and is recruiting now!

We know that working in partnership with patients, carers, families and local people brings a different perspective to our understanding and can challenge our view of how we think services are received and should be delivered in the future.

The Frimley Health and Care online panel is just one way that we are ensuring local people and communities are at the heart of our decision making around health and care services.

Those who chose to join, will receive regular newsletters, quick polls and surveys, and when they arise, the chance to join the conversation in other ways such as through focus groups.

The best bit - because the panel is online you can share your views at a time that suits you!

The online community panel is designed to help us gather local insight, test our assumptions and theories, and keep communities updated about health and care services in the Frimley area.

Emma Boswell, Director for Partnerships and Engagement said “It is essential to us that local people have an opportunity to shape our plans and provide their views and feedback in a way that suits them, so that staff working on transformation programmes understand what local people feel is important and where services can be improved.

We have refreshed our online community panel in response to feedback that local people want a way to get involved around their busy lives and commitments.”

The online panel is open to anyone over the age of 16 years who is registered with a GP practice within the Frimley geography.

Sign up today and share this opportunity with friends and family

To read our privacy policies visit more about the online panel.