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Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Family Course - Berkshire only - 6 week online course

10AM to 12PM

What does it cover: Training sessions (over six weeks) broken down into 2-hour blocks with a follow-up 1:1 session with a behavioural analyst to discuss individual needs. These sessions cover:

Week 1: Thursday 9 November – Introductions

An introduction to what Positive Behavioural Support is. Families introduce themselves, meet the trainer and discuss what is happening for them. This session is to help establish relationships in the group and to share experiences.

Week 2: Thursday 16 November – Carer Wellbeing

This session helps families and carers to recognise signs of stress within themselves and how to put practical strategies into place to make sure their wellbeing is looked after as well as those that they care for.

Week 3: Thursday 23 November – Low Arousal Approaches

In this session, we will look at recognising stress in others and what hyperarousal can look like. This will give practical strategies on how to make small changes in the environment to reduce arousal and how this can benefit those that we care for.

Week 4: Thursday 30 November – Increasing Positive Interactions

Relationships and rapport are the fundamental building blocks in PBS. This session focuses on how to build rapport, how to reinforce behaviours and how to help someone learn new skills through their relationship with you.

Week 5: Thursday 7 December – Structure

This session looks into the importance of structure in our lives and how we can increase predictability and routine for the people we care for, setting them up to be successful.

Week 6: Tuesday 14 December – Reactive Strategies

Change takes time and there will be moments where behaviours escalate. This final session looks at non-restrictive ways to help deescalate situations and practical ways to change your approach to support them.

1:1 with a Behavioural Analyst

After the course has been completed, you will be able to organise a time to speak with a behavioural analyst about your situation, what has worked and what hasn’t. This private consultation will help you to look at what you are trying and what approaches may help to reach success.

Requirements: Delegates need to attend all sessions to receive the 1:1 with a behavioural analyst, please check you can make all dates.

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