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In the Dead of the Night - play for children

2PM to 3PM
Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Altwood Road. View map

Presented by Faceplant Theatre.

Will Lily conquer her fears? Will she conquer her fright? Will she conquer the ghouls in the dead of the night?

In the Dead of the Night brings to life a little girl's imagination as she conjures fantastical monsters whilst hearing strange sounds in the middle of the night. Once she decides that she must overcome her fears, she sets out to tackle this mysterious noisy creature head on. She discovers it has been her scared young brother making the noises, whom she comforts as they fall asleep together. It's a tale about being brave and choosing to face your fears, and eventually about being a loving sibling, two messages that audiences can relate to.

Arthur McBain's witty, spooky, and heartfelt debut children's book has sold both internationally in Australia, Korea and Turkey, and in the UK as one of Waterstones core children's book range. Faceplant Theatre are incredibly excited to be adapting McBain's story for its first ever outing as a theatrical production.

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Age of Users
From 4 To 11

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Norden Farm



£10 for under 16s
£12 for over 16s

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Norden Farm Centre of the Arts
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