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New autism support launched for families and carers

New autism support launched for families and carers

NHS England have launched their new website, Autism Central, to educate family members or carers of autistic children or adults on what autism is and how to access the support they need.

The site lists a selection of peer education events, where users can attend sessions led by parents and carers of autistic people. Topics for these groups range from employment to mental health and diagnosis. There is also a regional signposting page, to help parents and carers find support in their area. Advice is also available through the designated resources section, which covers areas such as bullying, criminal justice and co-occuring conditions. 

Information, guidance and events are all available on the Autism Central website.

The programme is looking for more parents and carers of an autistic person to become peer educators and help others. To find out more, contact your local hub