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Physical Disability and Older Persons Team (Optalis)

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Local authorities have a duty to assess a person who appears to need care and support because of serious illness, physical disability, learning disability, mental health problems or frailty because of old age.

The assessment will consider how your care needs might be met. This could include identifying how preventative services like simple aids (such as devices to open jars and tins more easily), adaptations to your home (such as handrails) or information about support available in the community might meet your need. It will also identify if you have a higher level of need where you may need help in your own home or care in a care home.

The local authority will involve you throughout the assessment to identify what your needs are and how these impact on your wellbeing.

If you have a friend or family member looking after you as an unpaid carer, they can have a carer's assessment to see if they need support to carry on their caring role. The assessment can be offered even if the carer has not asked for one.

The result of your assessment tells you how much we estimate your care and support services to cost. You will be asked to complete a financial assessment to tell us whether:

you will be required to fund all of your support, or
you will be required to make a financial contribution towards your support, which will be 'topped up' by the Royal Borough, or
you will receive full financial support from the Royal Borough
Self directed support is about being able to choose and manage the support you need to live your everyday life in as fulfilling a way as possible. If you qualify for support from Adult Services you may be allocated an amount of money, called a personal budget to spend on your care and support in the community.

For some people long term residential care or nursing homes may be the most appropriate service. If this is the best option for you, we will assess your needs and help plan and arrange your support as appropriate. We do not allocate personal budgets for long term residential or nursing care but you will have choice and control.

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In order to decide whether Optalis should assist you with your care needs we use the national eligibility criteria. You can find information about this at the following link (copy and paste it into your browser).

If your needs do not meet the national eligibility criteria, we will give you information and advice on what support might be available in the community to support you.

You can ask for a care and support needs assessment by completing our online contact form or by calling the advice and information team on 01628 683744 during office hours.

Referrals can also come via the Children’s services as part of the transition process. Referrals can be made through the Children and Young People Disability Service if known to that service. Once your referral has been received, your referral is triaged within 24 hours and you will be contacted by a care manager to arrange an assessment. There is an allocation prioritisation matrix which can influence waiting time for you to be allocated a care manager

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For social care people are financially assessed for a contribution to their care. You can find further information on this on the optalis website at the following link under financial assessment.

Contributions for people living in care homes are calculated differently and you can find information about that in our leaflet Choosing and Paying for Care in a Care Home.


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For a provision to be funded by the Local Authority, a child or young person will need to meet eligibility criteria and an assessment of need will be carried out to identify if provision is required.