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RBWM School Nursing Service


The School Nursing Team delivers a night-time bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis) clinic, aimed at children and young people between the age of five and 18.  

We accept referrals from the child/young person’s General Practitioner (GP), hospital or community paediatrician, providing the child/young person attends a mainstream, free school, academy, special or private school in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead and is registered with a Royal Borough GP.  

Referrals are also accepted for children who are Home Educated or attending an Institute of Higher Education and registered with a Royal Borough.

Before coming to see the School Nursing Team, there is lots of information on Eric, The Children’s Bowel and Bladder Charity.  It is a good idea to write down a list of questions you may like to ask the School Nursing Team.

Here are some examples:

  • What could be causing the bedwetting? Could it be hereditary?
  • Will my child grow out of wetting the bed? Is it just a stage they are going through?
  • How old should they be before I start to worry about it?
  • What can I do to support my child?
  • Is there any additional support that I might benefit from?

The enuresis clinic aims to offer an appointment within eight weeks of referral. Following an assessment at the clinic a choice of treatment types based on the “3 Systems Approach” will be explained to you and your child to help you make an informed choice. Your child  is encouraged to be involved in the treatment process and care-planning. Treatment can be tailored to the circumstances and needs of your child or young person and parents or carers.

Treatment options fall into three broad categories, which are sometimes used in combination:

  • Behaviour modification advice and bladder training.
  • Medication (Desmopressin).
  • Bedwetting alarms (bed mat or body worn).

The school nurse will continue to support and review progress while a treatment plan is in place.

If you have any questions or would like further information or support, contact the School Nursing Team or your GP.