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RBWM School Nursing Service

Immunisations and Infections

Throughout your child’s life, they will be offered a range of immunisations/vaccinations. These are really important to help protect your child from life-threatening illnesses. This means that when most of the population have the vaccinations, the disease can sometimes disappear completely.  This has happened with smallpox.  The more infectious the disease, the greater the number of people who have to be vaccinated to keep the disease under control. Measles, for instance, is highly infectious. If vaccination rates go down, measles will quickly spread again.

We know that at least 90% of children have to be immune to stop the disease from spreading. If 95% of children are protected by Mumps, Measles and Rubella (MMR), it's possible to eliminate not just measles, but mumps and rubella as well.  For further information, see the vaccinations webpage on the NHS website.

Immunisations can be given in different settings; doctors surgery, clinic and schools.  In schools across the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, children and young people will have immunisations delivered in school by the Berkshire Healthcare Foundation Trust.

Guidance on infections

Schools are common sites for transmission of infections.  Children are particularly susceptible because they have immature immune systems, close contact with other children, sometimes have no or incomplete vaccinations and have a poor understanding of hygiene practices.  It is important to promote immunisation, effective handwashing and promptly exclude the unwell pupil or member of staff until well.

Should you be notified of an infectious disease in a pupil or staff member, please report it to your local Health Protection Team (HPT) as soon as possible as not all infections require exclusion. You can also get additional advice and support as needed. 

PHE Thames Valley Health Protection Team (South East), 
OX11 0RQ 

Phone: 0344 225 3861 option 1 to 4 depending on area then option 1.
Out of hours for health professionals only: please phone 0844 967 0083.