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RBWM School Nursing Service

Sexual Health

Personal, social and education services to schools 

The School Nursing Team will work with teachers to enhance the knowledge of pupils by bringing specialist input and interactive ways of engaging them within the school’s Personal, Social, and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum. This will develop pupil’s understanding of health, introduce them to intimate relationships and sex, help them explore how they can take responsibility for their own sexual health and know where to seek help if things go wrong.

The sessions can cover: 

  • Contraception – the facts about the full range of contraceptive choices and efficacy.
  • Safe sex –how the risks (pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), regret) can be reduced through safer sex (including condom use). Reasons for delaying sexual activity.
  • Sexually transmitted infections - How STI’s are transmitted, the prevalence of some STI’s, the impact they can have and how to access confidential sexual health advice and treatment.
  • The law and consent including age of consent.
  • Transition to adulthood (6th form)

We will work with schools to ensure the sessions are integrated appropriately within the programme and would be happy to develop bespoke packages to suit the need.

It would be at the school’s discretion as to which year group the content was delivered to and how they would approach communication of the sessions to parents. Generally the sessions are recommended for year 9 and above.

Service features

We offer: 

  • One hour year group assembly/presentation on a topic
  • Individual tutor group sessions to one year group, over separate days or a whole day.
  • Contribute to an all-day event planned by the school i.e. alongside other agencies that also deliver health promotion sessions.

We recommend that pupils are offered a one-off confidential health drop-in session following delivery of sessions. This is included within the package. Timing of this would be discussed and agreed with the school.

School nurses are able to go into schools, where requested, to talk with pupils on a 1 to 1 basis and support them in discussing sexual health and making sure that they are well informed to ensure they make the best decisions for them. These sessions are confidential. Information does not get shared with peers, teachers or parents/carers unless absolutely necessary.

The full school nurse offer to RBWM schools can be viewed in the RBWM Traded Services Brochure (pdf)

Who else can make a referral or contact us for advice?

Referrals are accepted from parents/carers, young people over the age of 13, and other health professionals.

If you want to talk to a school nurse about anything sexual health related, you can contact us by: email: or phone: 0300 365 6523.

Referrals from other professionals need to be made through the Early Help Hub (opens a new window), requesting School Nursing Team input.

Other information

For more information around confidentiality, sexual health and relationships and information on local clinics visit:

SafeSexBerkshire (opens a new window)