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School Expansion Feasibility Studies

School expansion feasibility studies

Developing proposals for new school places in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead
A significant number of new homes are expected to be built in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead in the period to 2033.  These will bring new families to the area, and it is very likely that we will need to expand some schools to meet the demand.  There is more detailed analysis about the possible impact of these new dwellings here.
To prepare for this likely growth in demand for school places, Achieving for Children, working with HLM Architects, has visited every mainstream school in the borough to talk to the headteacher and other school representatives about possible expansion of their school.  We have then developed one or more options for each school to show how expansion could be achieved.  These have then been set out in school expansion feasibility studies, with one study for each school.  By visiting each school, we have ensured that we have the widest range of options available for future school expansion, although it is unlikely that we would ever need to expand all of our schools.
This programme of feasibility studies means that we now have a comprehensive view of where and how school expansion could be achieved, taking account of government guidance on space in schools (Building Bulletin 103).  This will allow us to act more quickly when demand for school places rises in future.  In each case, public consultation on proposals for new school places will be carried out.
As part of this work, Achieving for Children also examined how first, middle and upper schools in Windsor could be adapted into primary and secondary schools, as part of any future change from a three-tier to a two-tier system.  The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead has no current plans to move to a two-tier system in the town, but the work will support any future consideration of this by local schools.
You can find out more about the feasibility studies in the report that went to the Royal Borough's Cabinet in August 2020.
Please note:
  1. Although there is a feasibility study for each school (excluding nursery schools and special schools), this does not mean that every school will be expanded.  
  2. Options for school expansion shown in the feasibility studies may not necessarily be implemented, as other solutions may be developed over time.
  3. Some options consider the use of land adjacent to school sites.  Discussions have not, however, been had with landowners.  The inclusion of this land at this stage is to indicate what additional space might be required to achieve a school expansion.
Commenting on the feasibility studies
If you would like to comment on the school expansion feasibility studies, you can complete our online survey here.  Please note that this facility is to comment on the detail of options set out in the feasibility studies, which will allow us to further develop and improve the designs and layouts of potential school expansions.  This survey is not intended to replace the full public consultation that will be required as and when school expansions are implemented.
Accessibility of the school expansion feasibility reports
The school expansion feasibility studies may not be fully compliant with recent requirements to make all documents published by public sector bodies accessible to persons with disabilities.  The documents, produced over a three year period, would need to be amended by the original author, HLM Architects.  The cost of converting the 65 documents, which include numerous site and floor plans, to meet accessibility requirements would place a disproportionate burden on AfC.  To ensure that these documents can still be published, AfC will assist those residents who need help in using the documents.  Such requests can be made to