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Online Parent Course 2020

Welcome to the Managing my Child's Anxiety course page. This course has been created by the Wellbeing Team in The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead for parents of children who are experiencing anxiety. We have developed this course using key concepts from the book 'Helping Your Child with Fears and Worries' by Lucy Willetts and Cathy Creswell and we refer to this throughout the course modules. 
The course is intended for parents who have been referred specifically for support from the Wellbeing Team. For best results we recommend that you watch one module each week and you use the time in between the modules to complete the accompanying worksheet activities. We also strongly suggest you follow this course whilst working with the Wellbeing Team, so that we can support you to embed the strategies you learn over the modules. If you are interested in a referral to our service  please ask your child's school to find out more from their Wellbeing Team link practitioner. Alternatively you can make a self referral through the Early Help Hub by following this link

Module 1 Session 1 - Intro

Session 1 - Course introduction Presentation - Download PDF


Module 1 Session 2 - Understanding Anxiety/Psychoeducation

Session 2 - Understanding Anxiety Presentation - Download PDF

Worksheet - Maintenance Cycle - Download PDF

Module 2 - Thought Challenging and Worry Management

Session 1- Thought Challenging and Worry Management Presentation - Download PDF


Behavioural Experience Evidence Chart - Download Word Document

Thoughts and Feelings Diary - Download Word Document

My Worry Monster - Download Word Document

Worrying Thoughts and Tumbling Thoughts - Download PDF

Problem Solving Worksheet - Download PDF

Worry Tree - Download PDF



Module 3 - Graded Exposure

Module 3 - Graded Exposure Presentation - Download PDF


My Graded Exposure Plan - Download Word Document

Graded Exposure Plan Template - Download Word Document

Avoidance Hierarchy Ladder - Download PDF


Module 4 - Mindfulness Sessions 1 & 2

Module 4 - Mindfulness Presentation - Download PDF

Mindfulness Handout - Download PDF

Mindfulness Session 1

Mindfulness Session 2 -