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Education, Health and Care Plans

Personal Budgets

As of September 2014 families and young people with Special Educational Needs are able to request a Personal Budget. The Personal Budget is comprised of education, health and social care elements and families now have the opportunity to formally request a budget with a view to redistributing funds to better meet the needs of the child or young person.

 Top Up (Element 3) refers to education funding in a mainstream school.  Where a child has special educational needs, the school will receive additional money to meet these needs. Some children will have higher needs normally requiring individualised support and will receive further funding to meet the cost of these needs. It is this element that could be made available as a personal budget.  Funds that are delegated to schools and colleges will not normally be in scope for inclusion in a personal budget, unless the institution has previously agreed to this. Personal budgets must not be used to fund a school place.

​From April 2014 any child or young person receiving NHS funded Continuing Healthcare had the right to ask for a Personal Health Budget, and now has the right to have a Personal Health Budget.  This right to request a Personal Budget was also extended to children and young people with an Education, Health and Social Care Plan or their parents under the Children and Families Bill 2014 (Clause 48) with effect from September 2014.

Find out more about the eligibility criteria for Personal Health Budgets (opens a link on the NHS England website)

How to contact us or apply for a Personal Budget

Information about Direct Payments for Social Care Services accessed through the Children and Young People Disability Service.

Further information about services which can be included in a Personal Budget will be included here shortly. Please contact the Children and Young People Disability Service if you have any queries regarding Personal Budgets 

Personal Budget Policy - 2021 (opens a pdf)