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SEND Policy and SEND Reports - Help

Schools and SEN information:

Under the special educational needs and disability (SEND) reforms each schools is required to provide information for parents on how they support children and young people with SEND.

There are two main sources of SEND information that parents can access from a schools website:

  • SEN Policies
  • SEN Information reports

Download the SEND Information Report Template for your nursery/school (opens a word document)

A schools SEND Information Report and SEND Policy are intended to be two distinct documents.

What’s the difference between an SEN Policy and an SEN information report?

SEN Policies:

SEN Policies contain technical information and detail. The law says all schools must have policies that say what they do. SEN policies are just one of the policies a school will have. They should be based on a shared understanding of the schools mission, values, vision and  aims. They should include information about the laws and rules that shape the day to day processes of the school.

A policy should include:

  • A brief statement referring to relevant local guidelines, national regulations. 
  • A list of groups, individuals and documents consulted when making the policy. 
  • Cross-references to other documents – links to other policies where helpful
  • Roles and responsibilities of staff
  • Monitoring and evaluation arrangements – what evidence is used to show progress has been achieved.
  • Date the policy was established by the governing body and a date for review.
  • Signature of Chair of Governors or Chair of Committee


SEN information reports:

SEN information reports are intended to tell you how the school's SEN policy is used. How help and support for pupils with SEND works in that setting. What happens and how not what they aspire to. The SEN information report should be written in a way that makes the information clear and meaningful for parents.

Where can I find them?

Both these documents should be available on each schools website. You can also ask the schools office to give you a printed copy of their SEN information report.