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Inclusion and The Inclusion Charter

Inclusion and The Inclusion Charter

Welcome to the Inclusion section, here you can find the Inclusion Charter, media downloads from the Inclusion Summit and videos from schools about inclusion.

Everyone Matters

We believe that all children and young people in Windsor, Ascot and Maidenhead, including those with additional needs, have the right to be included in local services, so they can thrive and reach their potential.

Inclusion Charter for children and young people

This charter sets out what all children and young people should expect when accessing services


Services welcome and value all children, young people and their families to... So you can....
Make sure that you feel listened to and treated with respect Have your say and feel safe
Work together to understand and support any reasonable adjustments that you may need Belong to a community, such as your local school, leisure centre, club, etc
Talk with you and your family to help us understand your needs and solve problems together Feel understood and helped to achieve your best
Speak to other professionals who support you, so you only have to tell your story once Tell someone what you want to achieve and how we can help
Inclusion Charter (pdf)
​​Inclusion Summit

Inclusion Summit 2020

Inclusion Summit 2019