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Local Area SEND Policies and Plans

Local Area SEND Policies and Plans

king togeter  Here you will find all of our current and previous documents on our policies and procedures.  Also, you can find information on our previous SEND Inspection and our learnings from it.

At Achieving for Children, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. We believe in:

  • Transparency
  • Working together
  • Clear communication
  • Co Production.
Strategies and policies

RBWM's Special Educational Needs or Disability (SEND) Strategy (2022 - 2027) (opens a new window)

Inclusion Charter (PDF)

SEND Area Action Plan Communications Strategy June 2019 (PDF)

Safeguarding Disabled Children's Policy (PDF)

SEND Provision and Commissioning Strategy (PDF)

Written Statement of Action

Written Statement of Action - Oct 2019 (PDF)

SEND Steering Board

SEND Steering Board - Terms of Reference September 2019 (PDF)

SEND Steering Board - Minutes: September 2019 (PDF)

SEND Steering Board - Minutes: July 2019 (PDF)

SEND Steering Board - Minutes: June 2019 (PDF)

SEND Steering Board - Minutes: December 2019​ (PDF)

Other Reports

Inclusion Summit 2019 - Annual SEND Trend Report (PDF)

PACIP Annual Report - 2017/18​ (PDF)

Pupil Voice Report - May 2019 (PDF)

Schools Support Feedback Report (PDF)

SEND Multi Agency Working Agreement (docx)

Collaborative Responsibilities June 2020 PDF (PDF)

Ofsted Report - October 2019 (PDF)
Between 3 July 2017 and 7 July 2017, Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) conducted a joint inspection of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (RBWM) local area to judge its effectiveness in implementing the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) reforms set out in the Children and Families Act 2014.
As a result of the findings of the inspection, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector (HMCI) determined that a Written Statement of Action (WSOA) was required to address eight areas of improvement in the local area’s practice. RBWM and the Windsor and Maidenhead (WAM) Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are jointly responsible for submitting the written statement, which has been produced in conjunction with Parents and Carers in Partnership (PaCiP).
We established a SEND Steering Board made up of Local Authority, Health, School and parent representatives that hold all agencies to account for the delivery of the WSOA.  The Board report to the Health and Wellbeing Board on progress and outcomes within the WSOA.

A selection of key achievements to date are outlined below:

  • Our first annual Inclusion Summit was held on 19 April 2018 attended by around 180 participants from all sectors and stakeholder interest groups. These included parents, schools, community services and health. Our next Inclusion Summit is planned for September 2019 and a fully functioning planning group is in place.

  • The Inclusion Charter was officially launched in September 2018. We have been busy continuously promoting the Charter throughout all Local services in the RoyalBorough via our communication strategy. Full Council have adopted the Inclusion Charter which sets out what children, young people and their families can expect when accessing services.

  • The Local Offer has developed into a resourceful hub. It features a new “What’s On?” section to keep the local community informed and includes updated documentation across all of our key areas. It is easier to navigate and accessibility has improved. We continue to showcase the Local Offer to all local services within the Borough.

  • The SEND Guidance Booklet , co-produced with parent groups, schools and health, clearly lays out what is expected and when during the EHCP cycle. There were over 250 downloads of this booklet within the first week of publication

  • In partnership with the CCG and two other Local Authorities in East Berkshire, a rolling programme of multi agency audits has been established. The audits provide constructive feedback and shared learning. As a result of the audits a Berkshire wide coproduced training event was scheduled for early 2019.


The Department for Education has announced funding of £1.227m for the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead from the Special Provision Capital Fund.  

We (the local authority) are proposing that this funding is used to open new facilities, attached to mainstream schools in the borough, for children with social communication and interaction difficulties that impact on their education. This can include Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and/or Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs.  These facilities could be:

  • Resourced Provision, where children and young people with Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) receive support, whilst still receiving most of their education in mainstream classes in the school.
  • Special Units, where children and young people with EHCPs receive more of their education, whilst still attending some lessons in mainstream classes in the school.

The Royal Borough already has Resourced Provision for ASD at secondary school age (Shine at Furze Platt Senior School), but has no equivalent for primary age pupils.  This means that some children with ASD and/or SEMH needs are attending special schools, when they would benefit from receiving some or most education within a mainstream school.  Other children are having to attend schools out of the area, instead of within their local community and leading to longer home to school travel times.

Accordingly, we are proposing to open at least two new facilities, for up to ten pupils each, at primary, first or middle schools, and may consider secondary or upper school proposals as well.  We are currently working with schools to draw up options, with an intention to consult parents, carers, children and young people on specific options in late Autumn 2019.  This should allow us to open the new facilities by, at the latest, September 2021.

A small amount of capital may also be available to create new rooms for nuture groups, which support children within the Royal Borough who are vulnerable and show signs of social and emotional difficulties affecting their ability to learn.

We are required to publish and update a Special Provision Plan (opens a pdf) setting out how the funding will be spent.

The RBWM SEND Strategy 2017 - 2020  contains a number of commitments around children and young people with SEND.

The three principles within the strategy are:

Principle One - Put children and young people at the centre of all decisions about them, promoting and enabling independence and autonomy through to adulthood. Empower parents and carers to co-produce their child / young persons plan / support, alongside other who are also working with and supporting the family.

Principle Two - Ensure inclusion and participation in all aspects of family, school and community life in a local and inclusive setting, making the best possible use of available resources. 

Principle Three - Secure the right support at the right time for families by working in partnership with schools, health, social care and other key partners.

In particular, Principle two is a commitment to the best use of resources. Therefore our capital development monies will be utilised alongside a wide range of developments within the SEND area.
This will include developing new provision, review of existing mainstream and more specialist provision such as resource places. The Capital Development Plan will be published in due course, following completion of workstreams two and four within our SEND Written Statement of Action which can be found under current key documents at the top of this page (see last page of reporting structure).


SEND Strategy (PDF)

Written Statement of Action

Written Statement of Action - January 2019 (PDF)

Written Statement of Action - Chairs Report July 2018 (PDF)

Written Statement of Action - Chairs Report February 2019 (PDF)

Written Statement of Action - Letter for Parents (PDF)

SEND Steering Board

SEND Steering Board - Minutes: April 2019 (PDF)

SEND Steering Board - Minutes: March 2019 (PDF)

SEND Steering Board - Minutes: January 2019 (PDF)

SEND Steering Board - Minutes: November 2018 (PDF)

SEND Steering Board - Minutes: October 2018 (PDF)

SEND Steering Board - Minutes: September 2018 (PDF)

SEND Steering Board - Minutes: August 2018 (PDF)

SEND Steering Board - Minutes: July 2018 (PDF)

SEND Steering Board - Minutes: June 2018 (PDF)

SEND Steering Board - Minutes: May 2018 (PDF)

SEND Steering Board - Minutes: March 2018 (PDF)

SEND Steering Board - Minutes: April 2018 (PDF)

SEND Steering Board - Minutes: February 2018 (PDF)

SEND Steering Board - Minutes: January 2018 (PDF)

SEND Steering Board - Paper: Nov 2018 (PDF)

SEND Steering Board - Minutes: December 2017 (PDF)

SEND Steering Board - Minutes: November 2017​ (PDF)

Trend Report

Inclusion Summit 2018  - SEND Trend Report (PDF)