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Children and Young People Disability Service (CYPDS)

Children and Young People Disability Service (CYPDS)




The Children and Young People’s Disability Service (CYPDS) works with children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) aged 0 to 25 years, and their families, to provide assessments and support for Education, Health and Care Plans. CYPDS also provides social care guidance and support.

The service has a range of professionals who support the following functions:

Needs Assessment

Assessment and coordination of education, health and care needs which may result in an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan for children and young people aged 0 to 25 years.

Needs Assessment - EHC Plans (opens a new window) 

Annual Reviews

Oversight and coordination of changes to the EHC Plan as a result of annual reviews.

Annual Reviews (opens a new window)

For more information or to request an EHC assessment please email or contact 01628 685878.

Supports the development of young people's life skills in relation to employment, health, community inclusion and independent living as they move towards adulthood.

Preparing for Adulthood (opens a new window)

Social Care provides support and safeguards children and young people up to the age of 18 with a disability or special educational needs (or 25 years with an EHC plan).

Social Care (opens a new window)

Adult Social Care 

An adult aged 18 to 25 years who has an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), will be open to the Children and Young People Disability Service and will be assessed as to whether they require social care support through an Adult Social Care Assessment.  If an adult does not have an EHCP because they are no longer in education, they will be referred to Adult Services.

Adult Social Care (opens a new window)

Occupational Therapy 

A service to disabled children, young adults, their carers and families. An OT undertakes a functional assessment in the child's or young adult home environment, identifying their needs and planning with the child, young adult and family how best these needs can be met. This might include provision of daily living equipment and/or recommended housing adaptations. Self-referrals can be made to the single point of access.

Occupational Therapy (opens a new window)

Leaving Care Service

Aims for a smoother transfer of children in care of the Local Authority’s journey to adult services and more effective planning mechanisms in providing real and appropriate opportunities and choices towards adulthood until the age of 25.

Short Break services 

Giving children and young people aged 0 to 18 enjoyable experiences and offer parents and carers a break from caring.

Short Break services (opens a new window)

Local Offer 

Maintaining and reviewing this SEND Local Offer website so that families know which services are available and how to access them. If you have feedback to improve the website, please contact:

What is a Local Offer and why do we need one?

Eligibility Criteria for the Children and Young People Disability Service Social Care 

The Children Act 1989 places a duty on Children’s Services to provide or coordinate the  provision of services to all children and young people with disabilities. The overall provision of and responsibility for these services is based on good partnership working across all Children’s Services areas and associated health, voluntary sector and Adult Services.  The Children and Young People’s Disability Service (CYPDS) provides specialist services to a defined group of children and young people. The service includes support to access care or short breaks provisions if needed. 

Eligibility criteria of a child or young person for support and services from CYPDS (opens a new page)

Contact details and Single Point Access

Any safeguarding concerns or requests for social care please contact the Single Point of Access (Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub) directly on 01628 683150.

You should send requests with attachments to the following address: 

Address: CYPDS, c/o Achieving for Children, Town Hall,  St Ives Road Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 1RF